Han New Bone is created to be used - even everyday!
With proper care and storage, your bone china should bring you years of dining pleasure.
Leave the abrasive powders, liquid detergents, and steel wool scrubbing pads for your pots and pans. Mild detergents and gentle cleansers
are best.
For sink washing, line the basin bottom with a cushiony towel or rubber mat, and use a soft sponge or cloth on the bone china.
Although hand washing is preferred, you can use the dishwasher. When using the dishwasher, choose a regular or gentle cycle. The ‘pots
& pans’ cycle is not recommended.
To avoid chipping or cracks, load the dishwasher so that the bone china cannot knock into or bump other pieces of dinnerware, and make
sure the china is adequately cooled before unloading it from the dishwasher.
If stacking is a necessity when storing your bone china, use felt pads, napking or even coffee filters to separate each dish. This will keep
the foot of each plate from abrading the plate under it. Please avoid putting bone china with gold or silver design into microwave or oven, having said so, any other pattern where metal like gold or platinum is not used, it’s safe for microwave or oven.
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