Ever since the early eighteenth century, bone china ware symbolizes the finesse of true craftmanship. Its brilliant whiteness and delicate translucency inspired new standard of artistry, skill and finish. There are four main processes involved in creating bone china, namely clay making, mold making, glazing and decorating.
Han Bone China, by using bone ash imported from United Kingdom, has formulated the finest bone china tableware, with 100 over shape and range and, able to create 200 over different decor and design each year. Under our strict quality control, any imperfect piece will be immediately destroyed to prevent if from leaking into the market.
In keeping with its tradition, Han Bone China fulfills the requisites of the most discerning of patrons across the globe.

Han Bone China - luminosity and purity, a combination of real Bone China and artistry of sublime.

Best quality guaranteed
Use finest and hardest glazing
Ultra white by kiln firing no lower then 1180 degree C
Beautiful, light translucent body
Best exclusive pattern (the design on the whiteware)
In-house designers and artist team
Partnering with world renowned artist
Only top-class pattern decal paper is used, mostly from korean and spain
Han’s Policy
Strictly follow the international standard of making bone
china, by using impressive Germany machinery
Create fashion, leading the trend and yet can be used daily
World-class pedigree in tableware
Han Bone
Han Bone
Han Bone
Han Bone
Han Bone
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